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          FFP3 NR Safety Mask (KFF-3)


          The Panther? series of particulate respirators are specifically designed for a comfort wearing, high efficiency protection, low breathing resistance, are highly practical and cost effective. This Panther? KFF-3 particulate respirator of class FFP3 NR is a folding Shaped 5 layers filtering half mask with valve fitted with adjustable headbands, soft inner nose foam with an internal metal nose clip.

          The Panther? KFF-3 soft inner nose foam brings you the following F&B:

          ?  Improved face seal

          ?  Increased wearer comfort

          ?  Better isolation

          The Panther? KFF-3 adjustable elastic headband brings you the following F&B:

          ?  More secure fit and increased comfort to face, head and neck.

          The Panther? KFF-3 state-of-the art Valve brings you the following F&B:

          ?   Effective removal of the heat build-up provides a cooler and more comfortable wear

          ?   Removes exhaled air and minimizes the risk of misting eyewear

          The composition of the Panther? KFF-3:

          1st layer: PP Non-woven fabric

          2nd layer: Hot air cotton

          3rd layer: PP Melt blown fabric

          4th layer: PP Melt blown fabric

          5th layer:  PP Non-woven fabric

          Standard: EN149: 2001+A1: 2009


          Contact Us

          Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


          Tel: 8610-80789058


          Email: service@www.yyowt.cn

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